is designed for those, who take Medicine daily for pain.

The App MEDICINEUSE INT, is now closed and all the App’s are free of use.

The App MEDICINEUSE INT PRO,  is now available for FREE, holding the entire system, and is intended to show the Doctor, or yourself, how much medicine and water you consume per day, in a week and in three month’s. There are also several other options, such as Personal Data, Medicine Information, Analysis Medicine, Analysis Intake and Medicine Notes.

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As example are 2 screens shown here:

The first screen is this;

In the App Medic.Name, and MaxNumber can be setup/corrected, as well as the number of the medication taken daily.  You can also see the total number per day, here.

Additional,  you have the option to click on Personal Data and Medic.Info, Week- and Month- consumption, Analysis Medicine, Analysis Intake and Medicine Notes.

In the App you can also click on ‘HELP’.

The second screen is to ‘SETUP/CORRECT MEDICINE INFO 

This screen shows all the medications you are talking which you entered on the first image (all the medication names will be prefilled from picture 1.)

Next, there are 3 columns that you must complete yourself; 1. Perscription (Yes/No), 2. Strength (e.g. 100 mg.) and 3. Type (e.g. Pill, Depot, etc.).

If the medicine name is changed on screen 1. the contents of the 3 fields are automatically deleted (and is ready for new entry) and if the name of the Medicine is deleted on screen 1. all 4 fields will be deleted. All content entered on screen 1. will be deleted/modified in the same way.

Your doctor should also be able to keep up with your health 

There are two important screens that gives the Doctor an accurate  overview of which medicines you have taken and how much has been consumed.

One screen shows the intake per/day, for 1 week and the other shows the intake per/month, in 3 months.

No keystroke can be entered on any of the screens.

Copies of these screens can also be send via Email or SMS to your Doctor. There is also a screen for the creation of Personal Data, as well as for comments you may have to remember and/or the Doctor should know about.

There are also 3 more screens, you can show to the Doctor and that is Analysis Medicine, Analysis Intake and Medicine Notes. You can find more about the hole system in the userguides.

HELP contains;

In addition to help with the features of the screens in the system, there is an overview of who has developed the system, what version it is, etc.

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MEDICINEUSE INT PRO is totally FREE of use.


Developed for ANDROID