NEMITA is a small IT company that develops App’s. They are all free of charge, so you don’t have to pay for them.

All App’s we are developing are tested for errors before publishing, but if there are problems then write confidently to our email service which is: nemitaps@outlook.com
and makes us aware of it.

There is a wide range of projects, we either have ready or in the script and we deal with the projects as they emerge.

NEMITA was founded in 2015 and has no plans to embark on the market in a broader sense, but only develop niche App’s which comes to our mind as a need for such.

NEMITA is self-financing,
‘So what we say – Is what we do’.

Now we build all App’s for the platform Android, but we have a desire, that we in the future can build for the Ios platform as well, which is used by Apple.

Finally, we would like to say, that we hope that those who may have read this, will download an App from this homepage, only to try if it’s something for them.

All App’s can also be downloaded on Android Play.